What is an elopement?

Elopements are no longer a secret, unplanned, escape to Las Vegas. An elopement is an intimate and intentional experience. That means that if you want to go to Amsterdam and take pics on the canals with just you and your partner... LET'S DO IT! Or maybe you don’t love the city, so we spend the day relaxing at a cozy Airbnb with gorgeous views. Don't limit yourself to traditional views of what a wedding should be. An elopement is what you make of it. And we're here to help craft your DREAM day!

Hi Friends

I am an LGBTQ+ American expat photographer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I work with all people to create images that are cinematic and emotive while still feeling joyful, candid, and full-of-life. I love connecting with people who are genuine, playful, and adventurous. If that's you, I can’t wait to meet you!

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